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Electronic Battery Desulfater, Conditioner and Reactivator
Benefits all types of Lead-Acid Battery (Flooded, AGM, GEL, Sealed, VRLA, Etc.) > Specifications

Technical Specifications of the 12V1000-AT and 12V1000-M
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  • Operating Voltage Range: nominal 12V (12.2V - 16V DC).
  • Current Draw: (averaged) 0.065A /65mA @ 12.7VDC.
  • Automatic Shutoff Voltage: 12.1VDC +/-1%*
  • Restart Voltage After Auto-Shutoff: 12.5V +/-1%*
  • Protection: Internal 20Amp ATC Fuse, plus Electronic Auto-Overvoltage Protection to 16V.
  • Operating Frequency: 1KHz (1000 pulses per second), with harmonic content to 10MHz.
  • Pulse Output Amplitude: (above battery potential) 10-50V (depends on internal resistance/condition of the battery).
  • Pulsed Current Output: (average instantaneous) 2.8-3.5Amps^ (depends on internal resistance/condition of the battery).
  • Pulse Duration: internal adjustment range is 10-50uS, factory optimized. (uS = Micro-Second, 1S = 1.000.000uS)
  • Pulse Repetition Rate: 950uS.
  • Power Indicator: Red LED Light.

* Spec only applies to model 12V1000-AT.
^Measured and Verified with a Laboratory Grade Pearson Current Probe Transformer.


  • Case Material: Black, break and impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Case Dimensions: 53 x108 x 30 mm (approx. 2"x3.5"x1").
  • Mounting: Mounting flanges with holes on 4" centers.
  • Weight: 80gr (2.9oz)
  • Supplied Connecting Cable Length: 30 cm / 1ft #14 gauge, 105-deg Automotive Grade Red/Black Zip Wire, Made in USA.
  • Optional Connecting Cable Length: 60cm / 2ft #14 gauge (at no additional cost).
  • Cable Termination: Up to 3/8" Stud ø Heavy-Duty Precision Crimped and Soldered Ring Terminals (see bellow).

LEFT: Our Premium Heavy-Duty Terminals are not only Precision Crimped with a Ratchet-Type Tool,
but are also Fully Soldered to Maximize Desulfating Energy Transfer to the Battery Plates and eliminate possible corrosion formation or any bad contacts within the crimp between the wire and the terminal.

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